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For far too long I’ve let go of writing much of anything.  Ideas pour into my head, but tend to turn into Facebook blips and pass through the atmosphere and become lost somewhere in outer space.  I was recently sent an invitation to join group involved in starting - and finishing - projects which have been left on the backburner by those of us who’ve lost our nerve to move.  It’s instilling a sense of accountability to finish what I’ve wanted to start for so long, but didn’t have the guts.  It’s encouraging to know so many others have done the same thing, and are standing behind one another to push ourselves along on a path to success.

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The old peeps will get it

Writing, writing, writing!

Keep those fingers typing!

Every day, keep writing!


Don’t try to understand it, 

Just type and edit and send it, 

Soon we’ll be rich on our commissions! 

Oh, my words are communicating

Words my brain is formulating.

I’ll be writing till the end of my life!

Punctuate! Spell check! 

Type ‘em up, send ‘em out!

Type ‘em up, send ‘em out, Freelance! 

Shanna @ She Says

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They say in order to live more fully, one should attempt to do at least one thing every day which scares you. Instead of simply doing one each day that frightens me, I’ve come up with a plan to really kick this complacent crap into high gear: Do three things every day that scare the hell out of me, and that will somehow contribute to the realization of my dreams. Even if these things I do to achieve this are related, it works.

For instance: This neglected blog is a step in the right direction. At least I’m back to some kind of writing. Too many projects have gone stagnant, and it’s just silly to let all of that go. Working full time is no excuse.

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Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture…Do not build up obstacles in your imagination.
Norman Vincent Peale (1898 - 1993)